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Customer feedback to Hugs

* These are not all the testimonials and reviews we get - just a selection, particularly including the more imaginative ones!

I just wanted to say the bed arrived, so far just awesome! Thanks a lot for the great service, so worth it. (NJT Custom Pocket Spring mattress and silicon hollow fibre topper - Pattaya, Chonburi  November 2021)

Beautiful mat​tress I must say! Thanks for great service (HC - King size Pocket Spring mattress - Koh Chang Nov 2021)

Thanks for your speed and efficiency. Don’t you wish sometimes it would be great if life was always this easy. (RI - King size Luxury Pocket Spring Hi-So mattresses together with bedding and towels - Phuket October 2021)

Wow, that was fast!! Thank you so much again to you and your team for all the effort!!! I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know in need of a quality bed! (SA - Large single Pocket Spring mattress with custom (taller) torsion foundation box spring base and silicon hollow fibre topper - Bangkok October 2021)

Thank you for your time this afternoon. It was a very nice Shopping Experience. (TF - King size Sleeprite mattress Thailand - Pattaya October 2021)

Everything arrived yesterday. Great quality thanks (RT - Bed Linen - Chiang Mai October 2021)

These are truly top quality mattresses at a very reasonable price! I will definitely recommend your company to friends and acquaintances in the future. (TA - King size Pocket Spring mattresses with Silicon Hollow Fibre & Micro Gel Toppers - Chiang Rai October 2021)

I gotta tell you that was some service you provided here, I never seen anything like it in Thailand. Top man cheers again, everything delivered as ordered. (MI - King size Back Care & Queen size Super Spring beds together with bedding and towels - Prachinburi September 2021).

UPDATE NOV 2021 Your matresses are incredible! Thank for your service and quality products. It is a pleasure to work with you (PM - King size Luxury Pocket Spring Hi-So mattresses together with bedding and towels - Koh Phangan September 2021)

Thank you for the delivery, the product is great. (MT - Custom size Luxury Pocket Spring Hi-So mattress with Torsion Foundation base, together with Headboard and Bedding - Bangkok, Thailand August 2021).

Received the bedding, excellent quality thank you (ML- Bed Linen Kabinburi August 2021).

Slept ... on mattress. Yes. Very comfy (MSJ - King size Pocket Spring with SHF topper Pattaya August 2021).

Thanks for the mattress, a great fit and very comfortable. (HB Custom size Sleeprite Hi-So mattress Thailand,  Phuket Jan 2021).

Many thanks for the great service! (ADR Custom size mattress, Custom size mattress topper, Custom size sheets - Hua Hin Oct 2020).

..these new beds are extremely comfortable and I am well pleased with my purchase (RW King size Luxury Pocket Spring Hi-So Mattress Pattaya Aug 2020)

The last mattress we purchased from Hugs (4 years ago) is still like the day we brought it with no signs of the quality diminishing. Nice to know we are going to get a quality Mattress. (KS Queen size Pocket Spring Mattress - Chonburi Aug 2020).

The Mrs. likes the sheets and pillow cases so much, she says "order some more" (BT Bed linen Chiang Rai, Thailand July 2020)

The mattress was delivered yesterday and it is very good (HB Custom size Luxury Pocket Spring HiSo Pattaya July 2020)

The new sheets and pillow cases are great. Will recommend Hugs. (BT Bed linen Chiang Rai June 2020)

I received the shipment today and I'm very pleased with it. The quick and efficient service and your prompt replies are very much appreciated. (YG Bed linen & Towels - Samui June 2020)

…What a bed! You have turned me into one lazy so & so! (KQ King size Pocket Spring Mattress Thailand - Kalasin April 2020)

Great bed and service thanks (ET Large single Pocket Spring - Bangkok Oct 2019)

We received the mattresses and they all are PERFECT! Well done again! The crew are delighted, I’m delighted.. guests will be delighted. Thank you (DT Custom mattresses for yacht - Phuket Oct 2019)

Well I have been using the mattress for about a week now. I'm very happy. The only problem is that I don't want to get out in the morning (BD King size Pocket Spring Luxury Hi-So mattress - Udon Thani Sept 2019)

Delivery received. The mattress is very nice. We will buy again and recommend Hugs to others. Thanks. (SJ Custom Size Super Spring - Bangkok June 2019)

The mattress is really good. I am much appreciate with the quality

(CT Queen Size Pocket Spring - Phuket June 2019)

Delighted with the memory foam topper.well worth the money, thanks

(GH Queen size Memory Foam Mattress Topper - Nong Khai June 2019)

Got it, many thanks it’s a great job (KD Custom size Super Spring Mattress - Bangkok June 2019)

All arrived safely and super happy with it. Its all amazing, will be back for more, probably sooner rather than later (SH Bed Linen & Towels - Phuket May 2019)

I am very happy with what I bought.

I will recommend all my friends who may need a mattress to buy it through your company (DdP King Size Pocket Spring Mattress - Pattaya April 2019)

Pleasure doing business with you as always. Wish everyone would be this professional (RM Bedding - Phuket March 2019)

We have a customer who wants to buy a mattress like the ones in the room. (TR King size Sleeprite Hi-So mattress - Rayong January 2019)

I am writing to you from Oasis Hotel, a new brand hotel located in Koh Tao, Thailand. We ordered with you our mattresses and bed linen for the first rooms that we opened already… Now, we are prepare to open more rooms… So we would like to make this new order with you as we are really happy with the quality and results. (Oasis - Koh Tao December 2018)

Your quality of work is excellent man! (AC, Bangkok - December 2018)

The beds have arrived. They look great. Thanks for the great service. (MG, Pocket Spring mattrees & Box Base, Phuket - December 2018)

All mattresses are now in place and are PERFECT. The quality is fabulous, they are comfortable and they look great. (DT, Custom mattresses for yacht, Phuket - December 2018)

Just received the mattress, topper and base - all perfect and as expected. The delivery team did a great job too! Thanks for your help and service. (FW, Pocket Spring mattress with topper and base, Bangkok - October 2018)

Service is beyond exceptional (ML, Pocket Spring mattress and Box Spring base - Mahasarakham, September 2018)

Our experience with Hugs has been exemplary, you are a great company. Wishing you continued great success. (SH, Pocket Spring mattress, bed linen & towels, Bangkok - Aug 2018)

Thanks for the response. I really appreciate your quick action and professional approach (HP, box spring base and mattress toppers, Phuket - August 2018)

Thanks very much for the confirmation I am very grateful for the effort you have gone to support us. We will tell everyone we know to buy mattresses from Hugs as with service like this you deserve every bit of success. (DC, Back Care & Sleeprite matreses, Bangkok - Feb 2018)

I bought a king size bed from your company 2 years ago and am delighted that I had done so.

I would like to buy 2 more beds. (RE, Pocket Spring mattress - Buriram, Feb 2018)

Thank you once again for your prompt reply this hour….. for your great responses as that is really customer service on great level which people looking for and is so important. (PS - King Size Pocket Spring matras with Torsion Foundation Box Spring Divan base and Headboard - Phuket Dec 2013)

Thanks very much for your prompt response, I am in awe that find the time to read and answer your emails so fast. THANK YOU!! - JLR Madagascar (Jan 2014)

Just wanted to confirm that the box spring was delivered today… Thank you for the email updates and ease of communication. Pleasure doing business with you. - AC Bangkok (Mar 2014)

Thanks for responding to my emails on a Sunday. - JH Phuket (Apr 2014)

Thank you for being so helpful over the last few weeks. I look forward to your next message. - TG Pattaya (May 2014)

Thank you. I love the mattress! - KR Bangkok (May 2014)

Just to let you know I am super happy with my mattress! It's exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much for all your patience with my ridiculous amount of questions. KM Bangkok (May 2014)

The mattress came Friday and is very comfortable. I will certainly recommend Hugs. TG Pattaya (May 2014)

Got the Latex mattress top. Its great! JH Phuket (June 2014)

Mattresses delivered and look great. Thanks for your help. MH Phuket (July 2014)

If everything was so easy and would work so well like your service, what would I do all day???? Thanks! LB Krabi (Aug 2014)

I'll highly recommend you…was a pleasure doing business. LB Krabi (Sept 2014)

Thanks again for your help and advice and making the whole transaction simple BG UK (Nov 2014)

All the best and thanks for the great service TB Bangkok (Dec 2014)

Thank you again for the mattress my back really appreciates it!!!! JB Chiang Mai (Dec 2014)

Wonderful bed! Life is complete! Thank you!! RK Bangkok (Dec 2014)

The mattress far exceeds my expectations… I'm thankful for your excellent service MC Hat Yai (Mar 2015)

Thank you for your great service NB Buriram (May 2015)

Thanks, Bed delivered on time as promised. MC Bangkok (May 2015)

I would like to comment that you have been very professional in the way you handle this matter. TTN Bangkok (June 2015)

Very impressed with your products and the service AC Phuket (Oct 2015)

Thanks, v prompt response, very un-Thai like! AS Pattaya (Dec 2015)

Your service is great! RS Pattaya (Jan 2016)

So happy to find your company! You have great customer service. TH Bangkok (Jan 2016)

I love our bed MK Phuket (Jan 2016)

The bed looks great, your customer service throughout has been fantastic. Will definitely recommend Hugs to our friends in Hua Hin and Cha Am. TS Hua Hin (Feb 2016)

Many thanks for your excellent customer service throughout. MK Bangkok (Feb 2016)

Thank you for the goods and prompt service as well. DP BKK (Feb 2016)

Thanks, the box springs are just perfect. I've had a nice rest the past two days! LC Cha Am (Mar 2016)

Many thanks to you for being very easy to work with. TM Satun (Mar 2016)

Thank you very much for your perfect job and patience ZW Bangkok (May 2016)

Got the beds just now. Look great. Good Job WM Bangkok (May 2016)

Thank you for the good service. ZW Bangkok (May 2016)

Just a line to say toppers have arrived – very comfortable indeed! Thank you and your staff so much for all your help! RM Chiang Mai (July 2016)

Thanks for all of your help. You've been excellent. AK Phuket (July 2016)

Thanks for your prompt professional response JC Phuket (July 2016)

The bed mattress is great! Struggling to get the girlfriend out of it most days as its 'too comfy!' JS Phuket (July 2016)

Thanks so much for getting back to me quickly, and thanks for all the help and advice you've given me MP Bangkok (July 2016)

Very happy with your quality and the service from Hugs Thailand TR Rayong (July 2016)

Very pleased with everything I bought from you, really excellent quality GM, Pattaya (Aug 2016)

Thank you for the excellent service TF, Korat (Aug 2016)

Thank you very much. Very nice and on time. KS, Bangkhen (Aug 2016)

Thanks for the delivery. Lovely quality as before. GM, Pattaya (Sept 2016)

We have our bed and we love it. Thank you for everything KS, Udon Thani (Oct 2016)

I am happy to give a good review for a great product., and this is the best bed that I have ever owned. You have also done a great job staying in touch with me and doing everything that you said you would. And that means a lot to me. So Thank You again for everything. I am telling everyone how happy I am about my bed. KS, Udon Thani (Oct 2016)

Cheers buddy .... great service .....Thanks again. JL, Pattaya (Oct 2016)

We are very happy with the mattress and also all dealings with you and the team from the initial order to the delivery. Thanks for everything. SD, Bangkok (Dec 2016)

1st sleep last night and very comfortable - many thanks. SN, Bangkok (Jan 2017)

Thank you, great service as usual! SS, Chiang Mai (Jan 2017)

Thanks for such a quick response and I like the quote, I did not expect you guys to work on a Sunday… RW, Pattaya (Jan 2017).

The pillow cases have arrived, love the quality… NG, Phuket (Feb 2017)

Hi, the bed is great and beautyfull we love it thanks you very much. We very sure we will recommend you... SP, Pattaya (240 cm x 240 cm custom bed - Feb 2017)

Thanks, the mattress is great! CC, Jomtien - Pattaya (pocket spring matress - soft, Apr 2017)

I thank you for all. Good quality of service and equipment. ER, Koh Samui (Bedding, towels and matress - June 2017)

The mattress was delivered last Tuesday and I am very pleased with it… Many thanks. WA Roi Et (Custom size - June 2017)

The sheets have arrived and were exactly what I was looking for. PB, Bangkok (Bed linen - July 2017)

We have to say, without a doubt (and we have stayed in a lot of hotels around the world!) that they are the best bed linens we have ever had on a bed. The towels are fabulously fluffy as well. D & N, Samui (Linen & towels Aug 2017)

The new back support mattress is GREAT! SM, Bangkok (Back Care - Aug 2017)

Many thanks for your help, your delivery guys were great and the mattress was way past expectations. Nice One! WB, Pattaya (Custom Size Sleeprite mattrees, Sept 2017)

Thank you for an excellent service and product. BT, Bangkok (Mattress, Bed & Bed linen - Nov 2017)

Thanks for a wonderful mattress and the excellent cooperation!! AS, Khon Kaen (Custom made Pocket Spring mattress - Dec 2017)

The towels are amazing, really soft. Love them! SV, Pattaya (5 Star hotel towels - Jan 2018)