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Hugs Super Spring Mattress is our top quality, but budget price, Bonnell spring model.

Its spring coils undergo thorough heat tempering process at 350°C to prevent sagging.

Mattress is covered with fine quality, fast-coloured, anti-dust mite, imported  FIRE RETARDANT JACQUARD.

The Super Spring Mattress is around 21.5 cm (about 8.5 inches) thick.

Fine 15mm. Double sided quilted cover using high-grade foam fillings.

The Fine upholstery layer ensures long lasting usage

As used by many 3 star hotels including those in the Best Western, Amari and Ramada Hotel groups

7 Year Warranty (You can expect a normal lifetime of 7 - 10 years with regular usage).

Mattress Sizes and Pricing:

Single: 3 ft (91 cm) wide x 6 ft 6 ins (198 cm) long: 4,700 bt

Large single: 3 ft 6 ins (107 cm) wide x 6 ft 6 ins (198 cm) long: 5,600 bt

Queen: 5 ft (152 cm) wide x 6 ft 6 ins (198 cm) long: 7,900 bt

King: 6 ft (183 cm) wide x 6 ft 6 ins (198 cm) long: 8,300 bt

All are around 21.5 cm thick

Most sizes are available from stock for immediate delivery



•   Softness level - medium.

•  Great value. Hugs cheapest model. A budget price but certainly not budget quality or specification - a top quality mattress that is used in many 3+ star hotels here in Thailand. A similar specification mattress in a shop or department store would typically cost 2 or 3 times as much.

•  The mattress ticking (cover) meets BS-7177 for fire retardancy and all our mattresses are treated to be ‘Hypo-allergenic’, meeting AEGIS Microbe Shield regulations. Both of these things are rare in a Thai mattress but we think they are important.

•  Hugs Super Spring mattresses can be used on a variety of bed bases, including adjustables, bed frames with slats (not more than 130mm apart) or platform tops.

Buy your great value Super Spring Mattress at Hugs Thailand HERE

HUGS Pocket Spring Mattresses work best:

         With a platform top bed base

With a slatted base       

Not an old or damaged base                    

Plain Platform base
Slatted type base
An old or damaged base is not recommended
  • Hugs Super Spring mattresses work best with our plain box bases. Alternatively adjustable or standard bed frames with slats. Our spring foundation box spring base can be used if you like a ‘bouncier’ mattress.
  • We don't recommend you use a spring bed base that it is more than 5 years old unless it is still in good condition. It is important that the base supporting your new HUGS mattress is completely level and free of any of the dips or hollows which can occur from long term use.
  • Bases with strong platform tops or slats (no more than 130mm apart) may be used, ensure everything is level before you position your mattress on the base.
  • HUGS Super Spring Mattresses should be placed on a well-ventilated bed base or frame.

  • Size and weight of Hugs Super Spring mattresses:

    King size: 183 cm (6 ft) wide x 198 cm (6 ft 6 inches) long x 21.5 cm (about 8.5 inches) deep, approx weight: 43 kg.

    Queen size: 152 cm (5 ft) wide x 198 cm (6 ft 6 inches) long x 26 cm (about 8.5 inches) deep, approx weight: 36 kg.

    Large Single size: 107 cm (3' 6") wide x 198 cm (6' 6") long x 26 cm (about 8.5") deep, approx weight: 26 kg.

    Single size: 91 cm (3 ft) wide x 198 cm (6 ft 6 inches) long x 26 cm (about 8.5 inches) deep, approx weight: 22 kg.


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